Air purifier for the home office

“VIKA is the air purifier/work-station support unit for the home. Expandable, compactable and available in different sizes, VIKA demarks space, whilst Electrolux air purifying technology helps people get the most from their home environment. Practical solutions include a foldable pinboard that can accommodate notes, prevents distractions and prying eyes. When work time is complete, VIKA can be folded up to symbolically signify the next chapter of the day. “ -Electrolux 

Group project

2020 Autumn

5 weeks


Mathilda Karlsson

Arvind Sushil

In collaboration with


Marian Dembkiewicz

What will the home environment look like after Covid?

At home trends

Practiced habits formed during the pandemic that are likely to continue

Skärmavbild 2021-03-16 kl. 13.38.28.png

Healthier Homes


Home Gardening

Home Entertainer

Mood Enhancing

Flexible spaces

Chosen topic:

The new work space

Work from home

Pain points from working from home

Skärmavbild 2021-03-16 kl. 13.49.07.png

Bring outside inside

Shut off/hide work

Burned out/stress

Separating zones


Need to clean


The 20       20 worker


Trying to find sanity and balance in a new environment. She wants to stay on top of her game, but doesn’t want to compromise leisure time.

"I love techy, appealing and good designed products that at the same time contribute to the environment"

"I love jogging in the fresh air, it takes me a little away from my busy work schedule"

"Home is where I can rest , meet up with my friends and spend time with my little guy"


Air purifier +

home office assistant


A home-office air purifier than enables privacy and promotes better work efficiency - through a zone separator, air quality control and idea organizer.



Watch a short sketch-video of the concept Vika


"the ritual of work"

The air is fresh when it is time for work. (8 am)

Vika turns on automatically at 7.30 am


A smart pin board for notes

Integrated lights for a good working environment

5 pm, end of the working day. Close Vika and use it as only an air purifier.


Air purifier for the home office

VIKA is the air purifier for the home office of the conscious explorer post covid-19. The concept is based upon modern air purifying technology used by Electrolux to better the quality of air in the home. Combined with practical solutions to improve the home office environment. 

In Asko Ease the layout of the machine has been inverted. Starting with the display on the left and having the dose compartment to the far right. This is because the amount of detergent depends on the weight and soiling, therefore the user will type that in before dosing the detergent. 


Since Asko claim to be an environmentally friendly company we think that the design should reflect that. That’s why we have removed the ability to use prewash and softener. 


Air out

Air in